Monday, 7 December 2015

STEM Day - all about chairs!

On STEM day we were set the interesting challenge of designing our own chair. This was so that we could get some ideas for Ridgeway's very own story chair! To begin with we all had to think carefully about the design for the back, the arms and the legs. 

Some children chose to do draw crowns, pencils and some of us even chose to put 'Once upon a Ridgeway time' on the back! "I chose to write a story on my chair because I thought children could read it before they sat down" - Humayd. "I chose to put some legs, hands and feet onto my design - I was trying to be  creative!" - Fiza.

On Friday we took some of Class 9's best work with us to school council, where we all sat and looked at the different designs. Miss Doyle and Miss Coburn listened ccarefully to everyone's opinions before gathering all of the best ideas onto one design. 

<----- The final design is AMAZING! Everybody loved it when it was revealed in assembly. "I really likes the different books at the bottom, especially the Three Little Pigs because there is something special and secretive about it" - Fiza. "I think the R for Ridgeway is excellent!" - Humayd. 
Miss Coburn is now going to send the final design to a wood-carver so he can begin making our story chair. We can't wait to use it! 

By Fiza and Humayd.