Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Visiting the Council Chambers

Last Tuesday, the school council went to visit the Council Chambers in Derby. Right before we went I felt so excited because I've never seen the Council Chambers before!

To get there we had to go on a small blue coach, it felt like the journey whizzed by but actually the Council Chambers are quite far from our school. When we got off the bus we stood on the stairs outside the Council Chambers but we nearly blew away because the wind was so fierce. We got to look at the doors that used to be the entrance but Mrs Gray realised these were the old doors and they aren't used any more!

Miss Doyle and Mrs Gray had to sign us into the Chambers to keep us safe and in case there was a fire. Then a lady that worked there called us into the hallway and told us there was 150 stairs to the Mayors office. That sounds like a lot of stairs! 

After that she called Mr Mayor to come and meet us all and he took us into the meeting room. The meeting room was gigantic and it was filled with chairs, even a special chair that the Mayor sits on (it's the biggest one!). 

We all had to find our chair that said 'Councillor' and our surname, which made us feel very proud and important that we were allowed to visit such a special place. Mr Mayor showed us how to use the microphones, which you have to turn on every time you want to speak during a meeting. When you use the microphone your face appears on the television screens around the room so everyone can see who is talking.

We were lucky enough to hold a School Council meeting in the real Council chambers. In our meeting we discussed the outdoor classroom vs a canopy over the Sensory Square. We decided the outdoor classroom was a good idea because you can rest there if you get tired and  because its a nice big space. 12/12 people voted for the outdoor classroom instead of the canopy. Miss Coburn took lots of photos of us with Mr Mayor around the Council Chambers. 

By Humayd